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For all those that have been honored to know Niko over his short life thus far, they would tell you he has some great loves. Legos and Hockey are his favorites along with Pat Maroon of the Edmonton Oilers. Niko is a spirited, loving and outgoing young man and over the past two years has been dubbed a WARRIOR. Niko’s warrior spirit is shown on the Give Blood Play Hockey poster this year. He is here to share his story and the importance of raising awareness. He and his family are committed to partnering to find a cure for childhood Leukemia.

 On January 5th 2014, Niko was complaining of pain in his knee and was taken to urgent care where fluid on his knee was found. After numerous tests and nothing found, the pain went away. A week later the same type pain was now in his elbow and was unable to move it. Determined to get answers, Niko’s parents took him to the ER for bloodwork. After three hours, the doctors came in with some answers… the unthinkable happen. Niko had Leukemia.

On May 5th, 2017, now known as Cinco de Niko, we Niko’s last chemo treatment! Niko is still cancer free but not in remission. 5 years until those words.  All blood test indicate no cancer and no other abnormalities. Staying positive and taking pokes for blood test like a champ. Niko is back to school full time in 3 1/2 years.  He has yet to miss a day!

 This journey is not for Niko alone.  Niko loves his hockey family and can't thank everyone enough for the continued support.  His tremendous heart for others is displayed when he delivers backpacks to CHOC. We created a backpack of essentials, comfort, and fun for warriors battling like Niko-all on his request. We will continue to provide HOPE in backpacks until one day there is a cure.